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fabriks's supplier search allows retailers, designers, restaurants and hotels to find the ideal suppliers in just a few clicks from more than 300 suppliers and manufacturers sites for 110 000+ products in over 30 countries. Buyers regularly use the comparison tool to compare suppliers in the same product category. Get information for suppliers manufacturers to countries like Poland or Germany and you can find the right suppliers on fabriks quickly and easily.

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With fabriks you can easily find your ideal supplier for your project. Simply enter the product you need, and let our supplier search engine compare products and suppliers for you. To refine your search results, simply filter by country, style and more. From wholesale to luxury suppliers, fabriks makes it easy to source online. You can search from a large variety of suppliers and locations accross France, Germany, Poland, USA and more.

Let fabriks help you to find the best supplier for you!

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