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Coffee tables have become a must-have furniture piece in living rooms nowadays. A coffee table often invites to gather around. Whether family or friends, she creates this space of conviviality and relaxation. But sometimes it’s hard to find exactly what we want, also for an expert interior designer. You will find many tips below to make the best choice. If you are searching for inspiration, just have a look at our wide selection of coffee tables and discover all the coffee tables suppliers and manufacturers on Fabriks. Read more

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First of all, the following points should be considered important when choosing your coffee table: the materials, the dimensions, the shapes, your space and the style. It is interesting to note that a coffee table may have a style different from the rest of the furniture. Indeed, the important thing is to respect the harmony of the room. As for any furniture piece, the proportions and the general shape are the keys to respect the balance of the room. It does not go through a particular style but by the forms, materials or colors that complement each other.

On Fabriks you will find all the styles that are you want from a large selection of suppliers and manufacturers. If you are searching for simplicity and minimalism take a look at the Scandinavian coffee tables. This style combines functionality and design. If you like the industrial style, you’ll love coffee tables with metal like zinc, raw steel or maybe with cool concrete or dark wood. Do you like the casual yet sophisticated look? Maybe you should take a look at our selection of contemporary design tables? Try glass, fiberglass, lacquered steel or, surprisingly, a petrified wood coffee table! Maybe you prefer antique and vintage tables… In that’s case look at coffee tables with brass feet or lacquered wood plate. A mid-century table will fit you well.

Are you a pragmatic one? So let’s see what benefits you can get with the right coffee table. Some coffee tables are a point of interest in a room, you can put your feet there, drop drinks, store magazines or remote controls. It’s a central place so it’s important to make the best choice. Maybe a coffee table with storage would be great and complement your other furniture. You may choose a functional table with lift-top or slide open top. A bottom shelf is a plus. If it has drawers it’s even better. It’s always a good thing to save space. Pay attention to finishes and prefer resistant materials such as lacquered or waxed wood. For example, a country style table with a rustic and strong wood works well. It adds some nice texture to the overall space in addition to being durable. Last thing, be aware of height. Make sure that the coffee table is a couple of inches lower than the seat of your sofa for being comfortable. This selection of coffee tables manufacturers is not exhaustive and you can find more  here .

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