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Fabriks is a global tradeshow for professionals. We connect buyers and manufactuers directly.

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What is Fabriks?

Fabriks is a search engine of furniture and decoration suppliers for professionals buyers. You will find on Fabriks the largest selection of furniture and decorative items from manufacturers, editors and brands. Information are up-to-date and curated for you. Fabriks is designed for professionals buyers.

What is a supplier on Fabriks?

A supplier on Fabriks is an editor, a manufacturer or a brand of furniture or decorative items.

Where does the information on Fabriks come from?

Fabriks is a search engine of furniture and decoration suppliers. Fabriks does not have access to private information. Fabriks has an indexing robot that browses the Internet and indexes supplier websites and their products. Our robot respect the robot.txt file of the supplier's website regarding search engine optimization specifications.

The information contained in Fabriks’ suppliers profiles and products are strictly public information, widely available on Internet and accessible by everyone and by all search engines.

I am a supplier, how can I update my information?

You can contact us directly at: for update your manufacturer profile.

I am a supplier, how can I delete my information?

In the situation you do not want a Fabriks profile, do not hesitate to contact us at and we will delete your profile.

Can I purchase products directly on Fabriks?

No. We are an independent platform. We do not sell furniture, we do not have stocks. Fabriks is not an online shop, we do not sell any products.

We still have not answered your questions?

Contact us at the following address: and we’ll be happy to help.

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