UT-CG533 (LS) Cologne Large Soft industrial bookcase wih 3 shelves and metal castors..Solid pine wood/ metal c... Dimensions: 59X16X71 Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Qty Available: 1

Jeffan International is the North American division of a 20-year-old family owned company based in Indonesia. Jeffan was established in 2007 by Caroline Shibata. The name, Jeffan, is a combination of two of her three sons' first names - Jeffrey and Andrew. Caroline is Jeffan's President and CEO. Born and raised in Indonesia, she knows the unsurpassed beauty and intricate craftsmanship of the country. After studying at the University of Minnesota and the University of Delaware, and working for a global company, Caroline pursued her passions. The company's mission is to bring Indonesia's amazing craftsmanship and design capabilities to the rest of the world. Jeffan's designs are eclectic, current, modern, fashion-forward and affordable!

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