Expormim - L'Echiquier Opéra / 2015

L'Echiquier Opéra / 2015

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http://www.accorhotels.com Collection: Copa , Fontal , Náutica & Kiri The project was entrusted to the studio Le Coadic-Scotto, who had recently refurbished as well the historic Carlton hotel in Lyon. Their style: charm and freshness, filtered through nostalgia. This is very Parisian indeed. With this credentials, the owner gave them carte blanche and an almost unlimited budget. The challenge was to respect the hotel’s valuable heritage but somehow it had to look wholly contemporary too: “Thanks to a deep reflection on MGallery character, it was possible for us to stage the hotel’s history so hosts are able to enjoy a unique experience within the walls of the establishment” , Le Coadic explains. Once they were thoroughly genned up on the period, they decided to take from Art Nouveau its creative freedom and from Art Déco, its classic rigour and tidy symmetries to bring back to life that intimate atmosphere of the Parisian apartments from the beginning of the 20th century. The host feels immediately transported to the Belle Époque basically thanks to the remain- ing craftworks such as the stained glass, the old heaters or the mosaic floors. According to the architects, “we wanted the interior design to be retro, classic and unflinchingly modern at the same time”. These are the same features brandished by the selected rattan furniture, upholstered in turquoise: Fontal armchairs and chairs by Oscar Tusquets , Copa armchair by Studio expormim and Nautica swing chair by MUT Design , together with Kiri side tables by Mario Ruiz . The elegance of the material adds to the historic elements, such as the mosaic floor, the stained glass in the marble staircase or the elevator, all of them of the time. Le Coadic states: “The success of a project lies not in the renovation of the space at any cost. What moves people is the soul of a place” . This soul is revealed in details such as the pea- cock, a recurring iconography for modernist artists, its green and blue feathers replicating the two prevailing colour wheels in the décor. And that is how L’Équiquier becomes a sort of time machine always coming back to the city that was home to the Moulin Rouge and Toulouse Lautrec, the Eiffel Tower and the bohemians, the green absinthe and the flâneur’s spirit. Architect: Le coadic-scotto architecture Photography: Marcela Grassi

With more than 50 years of experience Expormim is a company with great tradition in the production of furniture. With more than 50 years of experience, the company has consolidated in the market thanks to the ongoing process of modernization with special emphasis on the improved manufacturing processes, the selection of raw materials and a careful design of their products. Currently, EXPORMIM is present in more than 40 countries around the world. Over time, Expormim, constantly at the forefront, developed various product lines, adapting well to the tastes and trends of the markets, covering fully the needs of both homes (indoor) and gardens (outdoor) as well as the major hospitality facilities.

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