The Composti collection is the result of the composition of several elements on its own that together give rise to interesting aesthetics, featuring every product. Each individual pot is made entirely by hand: a fine craftsmanship that distinguishes the company for decades of production of its classic line. Composti redefine and characterize each envsteelment. They are made of copper or brass, natural or painted for greater custo- mization

Cuproom is a brand created by Celato Rito. Since fifty years the company is working on steel and copper, with wisdom of the handcraft, giving special attention to the newer technologies. Cuproom represents the evolution and the transition from steel forging to a new and personal design furniture, through the warmth and strength of copper, the elegance of steel, and the lightweight of aluminium. Equipment and technology are the prerequisite to design dynamic objects, binding together the essence of rigorous lines inherent to the mark Cuproom and emotional richness of a playful touch, able to enliven the everyday. The articulated collection of furniture elements are thus expression of a new design made in Italy. This allows infinite compositions never discounted and customizable. All creations are available in aluminium or copper and can be painted in different colours . Versions in natural aluminium or copper are characterized by a special treatment that makes the object sensitive to touch and protected from natural oxidation of the metal. Our company is also able to respond to customers with need personalised and customized items.

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