objekt.pur Designers offices for timber enthusiasts With its top quality materials and loving attention to detail, this offcie furniture range epitomises outstanding quality and sensuality. The combination of white and lightly brushed solid oak emphasises the natural beauty of the wood while creating a modern yet elegant contrast. objekt.pur offers everything you need for a representative office. Starting with four ergonomically designed desk variants with solid worktops, and including two conference tables, right up to add-on parts with visible back panels that can be positioned anywhere in a room. Finishes available: Carcase: Front and desktop: Order or download brochure Download planning software Find retailers near you

Customer Focus is Everything We know the requirements of our trade partners and of the end customers and would like to satisfy these requirements in a sustainable manner. Consumer benefit and satisfaction have a decisive impact on our project analyses, product developments and project realisation. Based on functional innovations, product design and our experience we vouch for our claim. We therefore want to offer products to our trade partners that can be marketed successfully, and to generate a promising margin to our mutual benefit. We also want the end consumers to be able to identify themselves with our products and to be satisfied with them over the long term.

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