Scaramanga - Antique Window Frame - Ofrn70374Scaramanga - Antique Window Frame - Ofrn70374Scaramanga - Antique Window Frame - Ofrn70374Scaramanga - Antique Window Frame - Ofrn70374
Scaramanga - Antique Window Frame - Ofrn70374

Antique Window Frame - Ofrn70374

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This impressive heavyweight antique window frame fabricated from sup-thick solid teak. It would make a wonderful architectural element or interior design feature. Imagine this piece as an iconic visual element in your home…above a fireplace, in an ornate hallway or embedded into a wall. Scaramanga reclaimed the frame from an architectural salvage yard in Northern India - it's over one hundred years old. Antique wondow frame size: W61cm x H13cm x D53cm (full length W82cm). Our vintage and antique wooden items are not new or made to look old. They may have small marks and scratches on them, which are consistent with their age and original use. We feel these add to their character and appeal. Please look at the photos to get an idea of their condition. For more information see our ethical policy for wooden furniture and wooden accessories.

Scaramanga's founder, Carl, has a lifelong love and appreciation of well made furniture and interiors. He spends many hours searching and discovering original vintage and antique furniture from around the globe. He carefully selects every piece himself and oversees their careful restoration. It takes a considerable time to acquire the knowledge, gain the experience and master traditional furniture restoration and making. The people who restore our furniture are dedicated to excellence and fine detail. They bring our furniture back to life without loosing its history, acquired patina and character built up over many years.

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