Details Collection: Fontal If we want to track the origins of sushi, we must go back as far as to the Middle Ages. Just like rattan, sushi is the product of a long-standing tradition and although the way it is cooked has changed over the centuries, it is still a handcrafted delicacy. Thus, the most famous dish in Japanese cuisine has more in common with rattan than it may seem at first sight. The project was entrusted to the architect Carolina Amorós aka Partchwork: “I didn’t want an oversaturation of decorative objects, but a rich content. I played with grey upon different materials: oven-cured iron, enamelled porcelain scales, lacquered grilles, and fabrics... all with the aim of creating rhythm without affecting conceptual unity” An exceptional environment for the Fontal rattan chairs by Oscar Tusquets . “My client wanted chairs with a backrest”, Carolina tells, “but opaque backrests pack spaces too tight, especially if they are not big. I decided to go to Sit Down where they showed me the Fontal collection . I got really impressed, it was exactly what I was looking for: a natural material, in a light colour, with a backrest so subtle that it was almost imperceptible and rattan wicker, which I had already used to wrap the columns, the front part of the bar or the door portholes”. The oriental connotations of rattan (it is native to Asia) and its traditional value ended up convincing her. “The chair has a very Japanese flavour; it reminds me of the Cesta lamp by Miguel Milá. It was love at first sight. And to my surprise, my client loved it just as much. The chairs are ‘ the icing on the cake’ of a project that was accomplished through dedication, hope and loads of enthu- siasm”, Carolina concludes. Best ingredients for the perfect recipe. Project: Partchwork by Carolina Amorós Photography: Nini Lamira

With more than 50 years of experience Expormim is a company with great tradition in the production of furniture. With more than 50 years of experience, the company has consolidated in the market thanks to the ongoing process of modernization with special emphasis on the improved manufacturing processes, the selection of raw materials and a careful design of their products. Currently, EXPORMIM is present in more than 40 countries around the world. Over time, Expormim, constantly at the forefront, developed various product lines, adapting well to the tastes and trends of the markets, covering fully the needs of both homes (indoor) and gardens (outdoor) as well as the major hospitality facilities.

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