Crystal table Unique crystal table Beautiful crystal table. The material of this gemstone table is originally from Africa. This crystal table gives the room a very chique look and your guests will be amazed by such an unique piece. The table top consist of pieces of crystal, beautifully put together and polished. Country of origin crystal Africa Customized design table legs We offer different models of table legs in stainless steel or coated steel. You will get your custom gemstone table in the preferred height. Dimensions 120 x 80 x 40 cm SKU: 220 More information Your name* Email * Telephone Your question* // document.write(document.URL); if(document.URL.indexOf("bedankt.html") >= 0){ // document.write('bedankt'); document.getElementById("bedankdiv").style.display = "block"; } Thank you for your interest. We will contact you shortly.

About Indosign Trustful business partner We want to be a trustful business partner for you. Made agreements and service is primary importance. Large stock A large and diverse stock of natural interior and garden decoration, carefully selected of the best quality. Our location You’re always welcome to visit our company in Holland. Our products for outside use, are presented in our show garden. Quick and safe delivery Due our experience, we can ship our products fast, safe and worldwide Service and guarantee If there’s anything wrong with your purchase, we’ll do anything to resolve your complaint. Maintenance We’re not only selling our products, but we also give you advice how to maintain them and we can deliver special products for maintenance. Customization In many occasions we can deliver customized products. Unique tables of gemstone, suar- and Kauriwood can be delivered fully customized Table legs We deliver customized table legs for your coffee table, side table or dining table. We can propose you beautiful designs or you can propose your own design to us.

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