Versatile as a feature, the FRAME light creates a beautiful atmosphere with a dash of colour for interest. The frame and tube lights in this series can be stood up or laid down (with the help of the rubber stopper provided) to create a striking eyecatcher in the room. But they can also be used as wall decorations and to light up hallways and offices. The outer surface of the FRAME light is made powder-coated aluminium. The diffuser on the inside is matt acrylic glass. The textile cable is 2.5 m long and adds a further highlight to the room. Minimalist and decorative. (Colour temperature: warm white, 3000 Kelvin; Protection: IP 21; Energy class: A++ to A; LED lights are not replaceable.) Please order fitting hardware separately.

What is (so special about) Schönbuch? Awareness. This means perceiving the entrance area not as a dismal transit zone used to store unwanted things, but as an important living area with a variety of uses. Hallways, corridors and entrance areas are where many areas of life and work come together, with people criss-crossing them all the time. Affinity. Function meets fashion: international trends in colours, patterns and lifestyles. At Schönbuch, inspiration from these areas acts as an input for constant creativity and development in a modern idiom. Consequence. The policy that selects products, designs and designers for the collection. International stars of the design scene and talented newcomers join the long list of creative artists who work for Schönbuch and give the collection its sheer variety. Profile. From the first product idea, through its development to the end-product: Schönbuch plans, supervises and completes all these steps with the full collection in mind – and with the aim of safeguarding the brand’s genes. Design. Full functionality, pure design with that “something extra”, top-quality materials and workmanship, dedication to clarity in colour – these, together with fine woods and superb paint finishes, are decisive features of the Schönbuch Collection. Origin. Almost every item in the Schönbuch Collection is manufactured in Bad Königshofen, Germany. Far-sighted corporate decisions, traditional craftsmanship and advanced production techniques combine to ensure consistently high quality and exceptionally long product life. Result. When the front door is opened, the entrance area communicates a marvellous feeling of contentment –it’s so wonderful to be home again. Schönbuch’s furniture with its well-planned functions makes for a tidy setting and creates new, surprising zones that suit your lifestyle.

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