MASAKI is a set of two minimalist tables with a very simple form. Furniture perfectly combines with modern, low sofas. When you do not need the smaller coffee table, just hide it under the larger one.

take me HOME is a Polish brand offering beautifully designed, contemporary furniture. Our collection embodies the refined beauty of proportion, subtle expression, and the power of charisma. It combines the beauty of natural, oak wood with a modern steel structure. It is a genuine synthesis of what is significant – a meeting of classical past and dynamic present, with innovative future emerging on the horizon. All of our products are manufactured by hand, and the process of creating one piece of furniture may involve even 10 people! We are able to offer top quality furniture, because its most crucial elements – wooden tops and steel bases – are made by season craftsmen with over 25 years of experience. Oak wood, the material used in vast majority of our products, is one of the most appreciated timber species in Europe that are used in interiors. Universal, but at the same time unique design, high quality and perfection of every detail – it all makes, that European customers take them home so willingly.

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