DS-373 is Alfredo Häberli’s homage to de Sede’s fascination with NECK leather. The folds in this five millimetre thick leather are so elegantly arranged that a single bullhide creates an understated, perfectly-formed sofa. When designing the DS-373, Häberli's primary goal was to develop an understated, stripped-back shape in a way which allowed the unique grain of the NECK leather to highlight the expression of the design. During this process, he focused on the pattern, scaled-down stitching and ergonomics. The model’s form is based on NECK leather’s natural qualities. This leather gives the product its signature expression and forms the basis of the design. Another of the model’s most impressive aspects is the way in which a single piece of leather fits seamlessly across all parts, the back and the seat cushions.

Our philosophy What moves us and how we move you. People want to be well looked after and feel secure. We feel drawn to attractive spaces that resonate and make us feel as one with the world. We long to be in extraordinary places that inspire us. Whether we're communicating or lost in thought, relaxing or focusing on a task – we prefer rooms with character and aura. This is de Sede's calling – to give rooms a soul. de Sede makes products that make places more powerful. Products that lend inspiration to spaces and make them more meaningful, while highlighting the individuality of the person who owns them. For decades our Swiss design studio has been thinking outside the box to develop and produce detail-obsessed furniture. The result is upholstered furniture in which people, leather and comfort come first. We manufacture products of the highest quality, employing superb craftsmanship, outstanding design skills and the best possible materials. We owe our special position on the market to our time-tested practice of passing down the knowledge and skills of our craft from generation to generation. People around the world recognise and appreciate the difference – our furniture is long-lasting and ages with style and beauty. As we strive to create timeless design, our established, holistic approach translates into new products. de Sede furniture and the places created with them move us because they embody a respect for nature, love of humanity and veneration of culture. We're committed to providing well-designed spaces for a fulfilled life. They instil joy and comfort and give us a sense of order, promote well-being and inspire us to look into the future with optimism. Places touch us through their quality and exert a positive influence on our lives – on our dedication, our creativity, our motivation, our lust for life. This is why we are devoted to quality. de Sede is dedicated to creating spaces in which people enjoy life in great style. This motivates us to live in peace and harmony with nature, with ourselves and with other people. This commitment is at the heart of everything we do. And is reflected in our products. de Sede – makes the world a better place.

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