Details Collection: Käbu , Senso , Nido & Out_Line Ten years ago, it was possible to count on the fingers of one hand, and three played gooseberry, the existing agritourisms in Ibiza. Today, it is a very coveted kind of establishment and now the figure approaches the score. The concept was born in Italy, in small country states whose owners decided to lease the free rooms in order to make an extra income. Now, due to its mass appeal, the definition has been widened to encompass diverse offers. What they all seem to share is that, progressively, design has gained ground to rusticity. This is the reason why many establishments have staked their claim on the label “chic agritourism”, a ratchet up to the root concept with the intention of attracting those inveterate urbanites that seek reconciliation with the countryside but are reluctant or afraid of giving up the amenities they enjoy in the city. It is an oasis inviting to get away with no remorse, perfect to switch off and reboot both the body and the mind in holiday mode, as if time just stopped and remained encapsulated in an endless summer. Here the most basic pleasures blend in with the most contemporary hedonism, local gastronomy becomes fused with the best of international cuisine, and luxury penetrates without disruption into the ancient nature of the scenery. The hotel was opened in 2009 with just 6 bedrooms. The renovation and expansion works were completed by the beginning of 2015 with fourteen premier suites, a restaurant, a spa and a lounge bar. Its owners applied a new varnish to the establishment always respecting the patina the implacable trickling of the years has laid upon it. And if we add to it the magical beauty of Ibiza, whose influence captures hundreds of thousands of tourists every season then it becomes more than clear why Ca Na Xica seems irresistible. One of the distinctive features of Ca Na Xica is the swimming pool. The relaxed life of the guests revolves around this aquatic spine. The pool has become the star of this small planetary system that seems to float in a galaxy where stress and hustle have no meaning. Olive trees and cypresses orbit in silence its blue surface, same as the Slim loungers by Studio expormim , which appeared almost camouflaged on the ground like mute chameleons. Suites premier have 70m2 within a construction of white skeleton and pure geometry, plunging naturally into the landscape. The owner, Carla Espinosa, took care of their interior design with much freshness and a kin eye for details. Wood and sand colours prevail creating a welcoming warm space. Nido armchairs by Javier Pastor and Out_Line chairs by Nieves Contreras were placed on the private sundecks, totally open to the outside. Just like the suites, the restaurant also keeps a close dialogue with the surrounding nature. In this area, open on one side and protected by a bower made of strips of wood, we find Senso armchairs by Studio expormim and modules belonging to the Käbu collection by Javier Pastor . Its colour palette, based on earth tonalities, creates a simple and pleasant atmosphere where dining becomes something more than the mere formality of feeding. Interior Design: Carla Espinosa Photography: Fernando Alda

With more than 50 years of experience Expormim is a company with great tradition in the production of furniture. With more than 50 years of experience, the company has consolidated in the market thanks to the ongoing process of modernization with special emphasis on the improved manufacturing processes, the selection of raw materials and a careful design of their products. Currently, EXPORMIM is present in more than 40 countries around the world. Over time, Expormim, constantly at the forefront, developed various product lines, adapting well to the tastes and trends of the markets, covering fully the needs of both homes (indoor) and gardens (outdoor) as well as the major hospitality facilities.

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