The Blade/A bed with high or low headboard Blade/B with a unique finish with visible passing ribbons, creating a lovely matelassé effect. Available with legs and frame in chrome-plated or lacquered steel. Headboard and side padded and upholstered in leather or fabric. BLADE / A STANDARD : cm 172x215x95h QUEEN : cm 162x221x95h EUROPE : cm 192x218x95h KING : cm 205x221x95h BLADE / B STANDARD : cm 172x215x84h QUEEN : cm 162x221x84h EUROPE : cm 192x218x84h KING : cm 205x221x84h

Alivar was founded in 1984 in Firenze, Tuscany. We are a dynamic company, ever aware of evolving technology and advances in architecture and design. We produce contemporary furniture for every space, each one with a distinctive style but consistent on the same time.An Alivar ambience has a refined style, it's a work in progress, anchored not to single pieces but to an overarching solution. We work with a variety of materials, endeavouring to showcase the intrinsic qualities of each, and set ourselves high standards for even the minutest of details. Our pieces are contemporary but are more than just fashion; they are a special way of interpreting interiors.We offer two different collections Home Project and Brilliant Lifestyle for contemporary living that is faithful to the past while looking ahead to the future. Home Project: A timeless showcase of design excellence and understated elegance, designed by Italian architect, Giuseppe Bavuso. Stylish, singular furnishings of international appeal and all-Italian quality. Brilliant Lifestyle: Effortless simplicity, comfort and a warm, understated personality set the tone of each piece in this collection, creating spaces that are intimate, sophisticated and inviting.Our designs are oriented to consumers who enjoy luxury and refined furnishings and who buy Italian because they appreciate its innate quality and the values it represents. Alivar has gained a reputation over the years for presenting an integral vision, with the result that customers, resellers and designers are drawn to our company for our overarching approach to Italian Contemporary Living, and not just to buy individual pieces.

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