Details Collection: Nido , Fontal , Nautica , F rames, Slim , Plump , Twins & Reposo November 2015. The mission secretly developed for six months by Mariví Calvo and Sandro Tothill, co-founders of the Spanish lighting company LZF Lamps, was finally made public. The mission: orchestrating what would be later known as LZF Super Agent Symposium. Their aim was to restore the concept its primal meaning, so they travelled back in time to Ancient Greece, when the symposium was merely a post-banquet get-together. A relaxed predisposition, encouraged by alcoholic drinks, would often lead to insouciant, even petty, conversation. Below the spectacular Koi lamp, two Slats tables, also signed by Studio expormim, and an army of Fontal chairs by Oscar Tusquets were tidily unfolded. If that were not enough, the next day the showroom would be completely transformed again. And they still had spare time, attitude and imagination to organise an amazing farewell party named after perhaps one of the best super agent film ever: LZF Casino Royal. It started with cocktails in the garden, where it was possible to find again Nido sofas , but this time next to a couple of turquoise Twins , a collection by MUT Design , a Frames side table by Jaime Hayon , and the Reposo chaise longue , a classic from the 70’s reedited. It was followed by a gala dinner in a sumptuous casino provided with roulette and a blackjack table. Interior Design: Mariví Calvo Photography: Cualiti Photo Studio & Stephen Prudhomme

With more than 50 years of experience Expormim is a company with great tradition in the production of furniture. With more than 50 years of experience, the company has consolidated in the market thanks to the ongoing process of modernization with special emphasis on the improved manufacturing processes, the selection of raw materials and a careful design of their products. Currently, EXPORMIM is present in more than 40 countries around the world. Over time, Expormim, constantly at the forefront, developed various product lines, adapting well to the tastes and trends of the markets, covering fully the needs of both homes (indoor) and gardens (outdoor) as well as the major hospitality facilities.

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