design: 2016, Milan Knížák , Czech Republic height/colours: 34 cm/13.4 inch, alexandrite underlay with blue, alexandrite underlay with rose “My collection is based on simplicity and decency. This of course does not exclude asymmetry, surprise and intense colour variations. All these phenomena should be in balance. The size of the objects is important for me, so they go with the dimensions of the flats and tables for which they are intended. I always pay attention to the object’s functionality even though I sometimes offer a slightly different type of use. I’ve been working with design since the 1960s, and I know how all the fashion elements quickly fizzle away. Novelty and contemporaneity don’t have to be expressed in aggression and ostentation. New things may surprise us, but they must be able to settle into the historical chain that forms our values.” hand blown of ecologically friendly lead-free crystal hand cut and hand polished to a high gloss

Mastery From the very beginning the fame of Moser Glassworks has been based on the handmade art of master glassmakers, cutters, painters and engravers. Each piece created is unique and requires precise, step by step mastery of the entire hand production process. The secrets of their artistic and craftsmanship skills have been traditionally handed down from generation to generation. Being a master at Moser Glassworks means to be a world-recognized expert in your profession. Style Luxury table sets, interior accessories, and artistic engravings, all in distinctive shapes and colours characteristic of Moser, are works rightly regarded as the symbol of beauty and quality. With its timeless artistic and utility value, Moser crystal creates an unmistakable lifestyle and an advantageous investment opportunity. Reputation Thanks to their unique beauty, quality and the trustworthiness of the Moser brand, Moser crystal works have become a symbol recognized and appreciated by outstanding personages from around the world. Originality Each crystal product from the Moser workshop is an original thanks to its design and handiwork. Glass artists and designers from around the world look for opportunities to carry out their designs on Moser crystal, exceptional for its quality and unique colours. This collaboration makes it possible to produce limited collections and unique and original artwork. Exclusivity Moser Glassworks was founded in 1857 in Karlovy Vary by the excellent engraver and businessmen Ludwig Moser. Only shortly after opening his glassworks, he became a supplier for the imperial court. Thanks to its beauty and uniqueness, luxury Moser crystal has been used for more than one hundred and fifty years in the stately homes and palaces of kings, statesmen and governments. Moser is also popular with celebrities, who set the trend in the luxurious lifestyles.

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