Vieri Divani - Lorena: Italian Corner Sofa Set. Exclusive Quilting!Vieri Divani - Lorena: Italian Corner Sofa Set. Exclusive Quilting!
Vieri Divani - Lorena: Italian Corner Sofa Set. Exclusive Quilting!

Lorena: Italian Corner Sofa Set. Exclusive Quilting!

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Lorena corner sofa is a perfect combination of comfort, lightness and practicality. This piece is one of the most recent work of our designers, who took pains to satisfy even the most demanding Clients. Exclusive, quilted seats and headrests give the corner sofa an elegant touch. Thick thread top-stitching is also a nice addition. The most important feature of the piece is the sitting comfort achieved by innovative, adjustable headrests. The perfect addition to the comfortable leisure set is the adjustable armrest that allows you to support your arm while sitting or your head while lying. This model can be further equipped with the traditional Belgian sleeping system. The frame of the furniture is made of solid wood and furniture boards. A sofa, armchairs and ottomans are also available in the collection. The colour and upholstery of the piece are chosen by the Client. High seating comfort is ensured by specific structure of the sofa seat, made up of as many as 7 layers, such as: T-40 foam, high-resilience belts and K-35 foam. The set looks like that:

Furniture making is the art of combining aesthetics with functionality, the beauty of the shape with practical use. Therefore, our products try to reconcile comfort with proportions and design with durability. People and their needs are our inspiration. With this motto, together with our Clients, we have been making interiors more beautiful for over a hundred of years. The most important thing is the idea born in the creative minds of our designers. We transfer the original ideas to paper so that its evanescence is preserved. Professional analyses change their plastic form so that eventually the line of the piece of furniture can reach its perfect shape and design. The ready concepts are brought to life by the best experts in our plants. We focus on the highest quality and exclusivity of manufacture, therefore our furniture is hand-made and customized according to our Client's needs. This is the only way to maintain exclusive quality and make VIERI DIVANI brand a synonym of unparalleled durability. Thanks to creative stylists, our furniture have a moder and original design, which, in combination with unique hand-made quality, makes VIERI DIVANI a symbol of exclusivity. Together with you, we have been decorating houses since 1934.

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