Eco-friendly bed system, made entirely of natural untreated materials throughout, from bedhead to frame and from mattress to bedding, key to healthy sleeping capable to take full advantage of the regenerating powers of our body. The plywood bedhead is light and flexible, coated in different woods or in a natural fineline finish. Designed to promote effective air circulation, it keeps temperature and humidity at optimal levels, but the horizontal cuts are also designed for the cushions, to be arranged as preferred. The water-based paints makes for zero emissions and simplify cleaning and maintenance. Even the padding of cushions and bedside use traditional ecological materials such as cotton, mixed with innovative materials such as fully biocompatible corn and sugar cane fibres. The extraction, production and complete biodegradability of the padding, make the product cycle completely "green" and opening new prospects for sustainable reuse.

"A long ride, with a few obstacles and many challenges, from 1934 to the present. And the feeling that it is never enough... No, "knowledge" is not enough anymore, but we have a magnificent obsession for quality every day and in every detail."

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