surgery chair 309 Chairs of series 309 were especially developed for the use in operating theatres. These chairs come with manifold adjustably armrests which support the relief of the shoulders, neck muscles and spinal discs of the surgeon. The polsters can be adjusted sideways by 9 cm and by approximately 40° backwards as well as by 45° forewards. They can also be adjusted in height by 17 cm and rotate by 360°. The backrest which has a cushioning effect can be adjusted in height by 9 cm and in depth by 3 cm. The seat can be inclined according to the weight of the user with the help of a lever. The chair is electroconductive. The height adjustment is either done by a foot release or by a hand release which is situated under the seat.

We Design Quality GREINER GmbH is a German family-owned company and one of the leading producers of seats and chairs for specific application areas. From styling chairs and shampoo chairs to ergonomically car seats up to medical couches and chairs, GREINER GmbH provides high quality interior for professional application areas. The focus is on the equipment of hospitals, medical practices, hairdressers shops and vehicles. The basis for this success is a balanced core and business value, based on quality, competence, design, partnership and sustainability. Quality and Design Made by GREINER is made in Germany. With the product areas medbest, hairline and traffic we focus across all segments on premium quality. From development to production of our chairs up to services we uncompromisingly focus on premium quality. This is made possible due to our traditional technical understanding combined with computer added systems as well as qualified manual work. The high quality in design, material, functionality and technology combined with high flexibility, makes us a partner for demanding customers. Competence and engineering As one of the few companies in Germany we cover the whole vertical manufacturing process, from the initial engineering and design to prototyping up to the production process. Our quality promise „Made in Germany“ applies for every competence area. The technical designs of our development department in Pleidelsheim are put into practice by our qualified employees in the production. This high degree of completion allows not only a constantly high product quality but also maximum production flexibility. Partnership and service Another basis of our success is the proximity to our customers and business partners. On the one hand we keep up-to-date with the market and we are able to fulfill individual needs. On the other hand we know that a high level of service and information is required. Short delivery periods, presentation of products in our showroom and a comprehensive technical consultation are part of our philosophy. They support our understanding to achieve an absolutely premium quality in the service area as well. Sustainability We are convinced that a company has to act in an ecological and responsible way, to be successful in the long-term. Therefore our value system relating to our products, employees, customers, trading partners and environment is designed for a sustainable development. We undertake to make sparing and efficient use of existing resources. Every employee has the right to support a sustainable development of the company. In our production we focus on efficient automation and for our customers we provide sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

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