TOKYO bedside table TOKYO bedside table with wooden top Measures: 35x45xh25 cm Colours: untreated black wenghè mahogany teak nat. lacquered Delivery time : approximately 4 -7 days .

I THE STAR ATTRACTIONS OF TUTTINFIERA: CINIUS "Two words with Fabio Fenili, a founding partner of CINIUS Ltd" What is Cinius? Cinius has a 360° view of the home, from more classic furnishings to the made to measure solutions which are our particular strength. To explain a bit more clearly, we're talking about integrated furnishing systems which rationalize the use of space. The concept ranges from closets with made to measure sliding doors, to bookcases, to fixed and motorized lofts that allow you to get an extra room from the square meterage of your home, and which, for example, can be integrated with a wardrobe or the closet itself. In our philosophy, everything follows the forms of the house, pandering to it like a real carpentry job but with a contained cost. What does natural furnishing mean for you? It means giving homes and the people who live in them well-being in complete harmony with nature. More and more people are searching, including within themselves, for positive energies which give them a feeling of "shutting out” the negativity that surrounds us. So the use of selected raw materials, environmentally-friendly treatments, interlocking assembly using wooden screws and bolts or choosing futons lacking in springs allow us, for example, to avoid magnetic fields and live more healthily. These are just some of the small details which are fundamental for us, and which over time have a significant impact on our quality of life. Japanese style is very popular right now in interior design and other fields too. What was the situation when you set up the company 25 years ago? Why this choice? We've always been fascinated by apparently distant worlds from which we can draw useful lessons. At the start of our adventure we were oriented towards ethnic and country style. This research soon led us to explore with growing curiosity Japan, whose aesthetic tradition is one of simple lines with precise, functional details; all characteristics very close to our conception of space. The idea was to blend the two cultures and create contemporary solutions that, yes, embrace Japan, but also highlight the traditionally high quality of Italian craftsmanship.

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