Mesh Von Fiorella Fasciati Material Wolle Eignungsbereich Lounge, Wohnen

The carpet manufacturer Ruckstuhl, based in Langenthal, Switzerland is a producer of high quality carpets made from natural fibres that has made itself a name on an international scale for the furnishing of flooring textiles both in domestic and in business settings. With around sixty employees, we process natural raw materials to make objects of cultural value. The raw ingredients of our products are the renewable textile fibres obtained from animals or plants in nature. Natural fibres create a pleasant domestic atmosphere, contributing warmth and comfort. They are durable, retain their looks with age and in view of the authenticity of their origin are products that inspire confidence. Another important consideration is that they can easily be disposed of. The range of materials we use are extensive, currently we use coir, sisal, virgin wool and goat hair. Ruckstuhl's natural fibre carpets are characterised by the harmonious linkage of functionality and aesthetics, as well as the consistent statement that results from the material, structure and colouring. With their lively structures, and their unique selection of colours, they offer a mode of floor design that makes a timeless impression and is based on understatement. Ruckstuhl carpets are durable, even under hard conditions, and have a long service life. Only first-class yarns are used, and use of the heaviest looms in production ensures that appropriately concentrated structures and heavy mass will be the result. Ruckstuhl carpets can be used either in a domestic setting or in public buildings. Highly regarded firms like Novartis, Ermenegildo Zegna and Hermes rely on Ruckstuhl carpets for the furnishing of their offices, conference rooms and shops.

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